How to Optimize like a Pro

Aug 29, 2023Articles

I just heard a story about this guy carpeting his office with remnants (carpet remnants are the leftover pieces
from the huge carpet rolls). He went through all types of sizes and cuts, but none of them fit the room
perfectly. He spent almost 2 weeks trying to make those pieces fit. Whenever he found a piece that was
square with one corner of the room, the carpet would just pop up in another. No matter which piece he used
or how clever he tried to be, none of the pieces fit perfectly.

Why am I telling you this? Because this story is the perfect analogy for the optimization of embedded
software. No matter how much you try to nail down (optimize) one section of your application, it will always
pop up in another corner.

Embedded software and embedded platforms are all about optimization. These devices are known for their
limitations either memory or storage space or processor speed and it’s the engineers job to make the
embedded software application run at its highest performance level. That optimization. It’s one of the most
talked about topics among embedded engineers yet the concept of optimization is one of the most elusive
and complicated concepts to understand and to teach.

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