Application Common Operating Environment

Application Common Operating Environment (AppCOE™) is a framework of common architecture that promotes code interoperability and cross_os_platform capabilities among systems and devices. It is built on the powerful open source Eclipse-based framework and integrates all of MapuSoft’s tools. Embedded software’s  C/C++ and Ada applications can be standardized on AppCOE to allow the applications to interoperate and run seamlessly on a single platform.

Automated Software Porting To a New OS Platform

Develop Code Once to Deploy on Multiple Platforms

Prevents the Software from Locking into one OS

Develop and Test Applications on Windows & Linux Host PC

Make Software Independent of OS Upgrades

Increased Performance, Speed of Linux Applications

Generates Design Documentation for your code

Powerful Embedded Learning for Academic Institutions

Programming Language Changer

Automated Conversion of Over 30 Software Languages Into More Modern Programming Languages


Automated Conversion of Ada Code to C/C++ or Java Code along with documentation and performance

Automated Conversion of Software Programming Language

Converts over 30 old software languages into modern ones

Automated Code-Changer converts the application code from over 30 programming languages into modern languages. The power of model-based automation increases efficiency and accuracy, while significantly reducing cost, errors and risk. Automated Code-Changer also has the capability to create automated documentation for either the old or new code. There is no size limit to either the code conversion or the creation of documentation.


Automated Software Porting To New Operating System

Software reuse on new operating system & hardware

OS Changer® is a C/C++ source-level virtualization technology that allows you to easily re-use your software  on another OS, while providing real-time performance. It eliminates the manual porting effort, saves money and shortens the time to market. 

Develop Software Once to Run on Many Platforms

Run the software on over 25 different operating systems

Cross-OS Development Platform protects your software investment by freeing your code from the current OS and hardware platform. This capability significantly reduces future porting issues because the software can easily be migrated to a new OS. Creating an easily portable code greatly increases its lifespan and value. It also eliminates the risk associated with the OS selection process since the same application code can be tested on multiple platforms for performance comparison.


Prevent Software From Locking Into Current OS 

Prevent the code from locking into an operating system

OS Abstractor is a commercial grade abstraction layer designed to provide a better performance, and at a lower cost, than an in-house abstraction solution. Including OS Abstractor in your architecture creates a clear separation between the application code and the underlying OS, thereby freeing the code and minimizing any future upgrading costs.

Automated Conversion of Ada code to C/C++ & Java

Reuse Ada code on new platforms 

Ada-C/C++ Changer is the most reliable and powerful Ada language conversion tool on the market. With its Modeling and Re-factoring capability, Ada Changer not only modernizes the code by converting it to a modern language but also improves the code.  Having been developed and tuned by scientists with over 40 years of modernization experience, Ada to C/C++ and Java Changer significantly reduces the cost and risk for any Ada modernization project

Simulate Embedded Applications on Windows and Linux Host PC

Develop, Simulate and Test Application Without OS and Hardware

OS Simulator eliminates the need for the original OS, as well as the requirement for expensive target hardware during development. Without the need for those components, development and testing can begin much earlier. The result is lower licensing costs, reduced hardware requirements and a shorter time to market. MapuSoft offers OS Simulators for up to eight of the most popular OS Platforms

Make Software Run Independent of OS Upgrades 

Freedom for Software From OS Upgrade Disturbances

OS Version UpKit™ allows applications to easily upgrade to a newer version of the OS, without the manual porting effort. It saves a huge amount of time and money and prevents ongoing projects from getting stuck.


Embedded Software Education for Academic Institutions

Embedded Software Technology Learning for Students

MapuSoft’s RTOS Simulator is a one-stop solution that makes all the popular RTOS platforms available to educational institutions, at a fraction of cost of a single proprietary OS. RTOS Simulator creates a development and testing environment on standard Windows/Linux personal computers. Students get hands-on experience developing real-world embedded software applications, improving their post-education marketability. Many students who have mastered embedded software development, now have lucrative jobs in a variety of industries, such as Mil-Aero, Electronics, Medical, Automotive, Telecommunication and many more.

The software had a high level of quality and stability…The technical support team was

Sharing code across VxWorks and Nucleus PLUS for new
developments in their residential Gateway project

ST Microelectronics, Raleigh 

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