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When it comes to automated software porting to a new OS or software programming language conversion, MapuSoft provides state of the art products and solutions that are aimed to protect your software investment.

Ada Changer

Ada-Changer is the most reliable and powerful Ada to C/C++, Java and C# language conversion solution on the market. With its Modeling and Re-factoring capability, Ada Changer not only modernizes the code by converting it to a modern language but also improves the code.

OS Changer Porting Kit

OS Changer Porting Kit enables automated migration of C/C++ software to a new operating system or RTOS. Compared to manual software porting, OS Changer Porting Kit saves time and money because the C/C++ code remains unchanged.

OS Abstractor

OS Abstractor is a commercial grade abstraction layer designed to provide better performance at a lower cost than an in-house abstraction solution.Including OS Abstractor in your architecture creates a clear separation between the application code and the underlying OS, thereby freeing the code and minimizing any future upgrading costs.

RTOS Simulator

RTOS Simulator eliminates the need for the original OS, as well as the requirement for expensive target hardware during development on a host computer. RTOS Simulator allows you to develop product prototypes on inexpensive target hardware. The result is lower licensing costs, reduced hardware requirements and a shorter time to market.

Application-OS Profiler

The Application-OS Profiler is an add-on to the established AppCOE Eclipse based code migration and API optimization technology and is designed to enable data collection, identify performance bottlenecks and compare performance metrics on various target environments.

Programming-Language Changer

Converts legacy application code from over 30 programming languages into modern languages. The power of model-based automation increases efficiency and accuracy, while significantly reducing cost, errors and risk.

DesignDoc Tools

DesignDoc tools can be used to fully understand your existing software in terms of complexity, similarity, dead code, and external dependencies.The use of DesignDoc tools results in shorter development times and therefore reduced development costs, reduced maintenance costs and a higher return on investment.

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