Porting Solaris Application to Linux

In 2010, Oracle Corporation acquired Sun Microsystems. While Sun was best known for its JAVA programming language, Sun’s products also included the Solaris® operating system. Solaris® is a UNIX based operating system that was designed to run on Sun’s SPARC (RISK based scalable processor architecture) hardware.

Solaris® and Linux are both POSIX compliant variations of the UNIX operating system, this makes Solaris® an ideal operating system to migrate to Linux. Porting or migrating to Linux can reduce the cost of software, hardware, and maintenance.

It takes more than just being POSIX compliant to make embedded applications portable across OS platforms. The consistency of API behavior must also be considered. MapuSoft’s POSIX Interface is designed to meet the needs of embedded applications with performance and full code portability in mind while allowing developers to add features without breaking POSIX compliancy.

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MapuSoft offers over 300 different porting kits covering over 25 unique operating systems.

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