MAPUSOFT Announces Enhancements For Its Embedded RTOS Simulator™ Product – Now Includes Support For Three Additional Embedded Operating Systems – QNX®, RTLinux, and VRTX®

Aug 27, 2020News & Events

Developers are now able to simulate, develop, run, and debug embedded applications on a Windows or Linux host personal computer from home, without access to system or target hardware. This is an ideal productivity solution for developers who are at home due to the Covid-19 virus.

Mobile, Alabama, August 14, 2020, MapuSoft Technologies Inc. is a global leader in embedded software re-use and interoperability solutions. Since 2001, MapuSoft has provided unique embedded software tools and exceptional service to customers all over the world.

MapuSoft recently enhanced its embedded RTOS Simulator™ product to include support for three popular embedded operating systems, QNX, RTLinux, and VRTX. RTOS Simulator now supports the following embedded and desktop operating systems:

VxWorks®    ThreadX®     Nucleus®      FreeRTOS®     micro-ITRON          µC/OS™

QNX®          RTLinux        VXTX®         Windows®       Linux®

 During a recent press conference, Raj Johnson, CEO of MapuSoft, had this to say: “Developers often miss the productivity value that RTOS Simulator brings to them. Product developers can focus on developing application code using a simulator environment while the hardware guys focus on low level drivers and BSP. In addition, since many development projects have a tight schedule, starting product development early with a RTOS Simulator can significantly improve the project schedule while reducing schedule risk.”

RTOS Simulator is also available for educational institutions at a special academic price. Schools that have licensed RTOS Simulator have an advantage over other schools. They can teach students to develop embedded applications using real-time operating systems that are used in Mil-Aero, Medical, Industrial, Automotive, Telecommunications and other industries. RTOS simulators code generation and target profiling features allow students to run their applications on Raspberry Pi and other target hardware available in their labs.  MapuSoft offers complete RTOS training for students and faculties, assists with their projects, and provides world-class embedded development support and RTOS educational certifications.

Pricing for RTOS Simulator remains significantly lower than the cost of a single proprietary embedded operating system. In addition, RTOS Simulator is typically licensed for (4) four operating systems. No other company can match MapuSoft’s support for popular embedded operating systems.

MapuSoft remains the dominant force in embedded software re-use and interoperability solutions providing the following tools:

  • Software Porting: OS Changer Porting Kit enables automated migration of C/C++ software to a new operating system or RTOS. Compared to manual software porting, OS Changer Porting Kit saves time and money because the C/C++ code remains unchanged.
  • Application/OS Profiler: The Application-OS Profiler is an add-on to the established AppCOE Eclipse based code migration and API optimization technology and is designed to enable data collection, identify performance bottlenecks, and compare performance metrics on various target environments.
  • Interoperability: OS Abstractor is a commercial grade abstraction layer designed to provide better performance and at a lower cost than any in-house abstraction layer.
  • RTOS Simulator: RTOS Simulator eliminates the need for the original OS, as well as the requirement for expensive target hardware during development on a host computer.
  • Software Code Conversion: Automated Code-Changer converts the application code from over 30 programming languages into modern languages.

For complete information, visit:

To access the Download RTOS Simulator Link.

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