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Jan 28, 2009News & Events

Don’t Get Locked In!

As the economy continues in its current downtrend, developers are quickly realizing that budget cuts mean fewer resources across the board, and although the economy has slowed considerably, technology continues to change and advance. It remains a pressing need for organizations to upgrade systems or change OS or tools to stay on the cutting edge of development. Given these conditions developers need to leverage on existing software as opposed to wasting the software investment and starting from scratch.

To enable effective software re-use, it is necessary that the software & product development knowledge not be tied to any specific vendor’s tools or platforms. The following are some things developers can do to eliminate vendor lock-ins:

When starting new development, think about using an internal API interface for your software to communicate with 3rd party components (OS, middleware libraries, etc.). The interface code is the only one that requires modification as you upgrade or change 3rd party components. You should do this even if the vendor claims that their product complies with certain “standards”. Standards change often and are not set for any specific length of time. Also, in many cases, vendors neither strictly adhere to the standards, nor provide full support. An easy way around these challenges is a commercial abstraction solution. Check OS Abstractor which provides a variety of API interfaces that you can choose from without sacrificing on performance.

For information on MapuSoft’s OS Abstractor visit

When re-using existing software, think about using an internal API interface that mimics your current vendor’s interfaces. By just modifying the interface code, you will be able to make your application support different 3rd party components (such as OS, middleware, etc.) with one set of code base. A commercial adaptor solution will enable your application to work on newer OS platforms and versions without a complete code rewrite. MapuSoft’s OS Changer provides various adaptors to give you the necessary portability and is highly optimized for each specific OS platform.

For information on MapuSoft’s OS Changer visit

Make sure your product development know-how’s are not locked to a specific vendor’s tools, IDE or platform. Ideally, you should use a “neutral” tool that will allow you to develop and test code on host platforms, with the ability to quickly move to the target environment when the hardware becomes available. Check out MapuSoft’s OS PAL solution which provides a neutral development platform along with code optimizing and profiling features.

For information on MapuSoft’s OS PAL visit

Budgeting Smart in the New Year: Software Reuse

2009 is here and with the new year comes the usual concerns brought on by the uncertainty of the state of the economy. Whether the economy is projected to continue declining or make a turnaround and start to repair itself, the fact is that future government funding and budgets for independent organizations cannot be guaranteed. As a result, it is fundamentally important to protect software investment as well as reduce project cost and shorten time to market. In the rapidly advancing and competitive world of technology no organization can afford to be a sitting duck, waiting on the economy to change. However, due to the expanse of resources necessary to upgrade a system, this is often the case.

MapuSoft Technologies recognizes the difficulties developers face in adapting existing software to the next generation platform or enabling it to support multiple operating systems without incurring high costs and creating a tedious, lengthy project. MapuSoft offers OS PAL, OS Abstractor, and OS Changer products to help developers streamline development processes and re-use their embedded software on one or more operating systems. We also offer the products AdaMagic, which converts Ada code to C/C++ and WinDriver, which enables driver development across multiple operating systems. MapuSoft offers porting, integration, support, and training services to help developers easily migrate from legacy platforms to the next generation. During tough economic times such as these, our software reuse products and solutions provide great value to development teams looking to save time and money.

All of MapuSoft’s products are offered royalty free and provided with full source code. We offer free software evaluations and 30 day trials to give customers a glimpse of how our products can simplify any migration or development project.
For a free download visit

We also hold weekly free webinars, every Wednesday on topics such as VxWorks porting and demonstrations of OS Abstractor.
For an up-to-date schedule of our webinars and to register visit

Raj Johnson
President & CEO


MapuSoft Lunch & Learn:

When: Friday, February 13, 2009

Where: Redstone Arsenal, The Challenger Conference Room

Details:For details and more information, contact MapuSoft 1-251-665-0280

RTECC 2009:

When: Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where: Hilton Melbourne Rialto Place Hotel, Melbourne, FL

Details: MapuSoft is excited to attend the conference. Stop by our booth for a demonstration of OS PAL and get a free t-shirt!

More info:

ESC Silicon Valley 2009:

When: March 30th – April 3rd, 2009

Where: McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, CA

Details: MapuSoft will exhibit at the annual ESC conference in silicon valley. Visit our booth for software demos and a free t-shirt!

More info:

Join MapuSoft Technologies’ CEO & Founder Raj Johnson as he hosts a technical demonstration of OS PAL and learn how OS PAL can make your host development, optimization, simulation and porting easier!

For more info about the webinars and for future schedules visit:


Feb. 4th: Generate portable code for multiple RTOS with OS PAL
Click a time below to register

9:30am US Central Time – OS Abstractor

1:00pm US Central Time – OS Abstractor

Feb. 11th: See an application ported to multiple RTOS with OS PAL
Click a time below to register

9:30am US Central Time – VxWorks Porting

1:00pm US Central Time – pSOS Porting

Feb. 18th: Generate portable code for multiple RTOS with OS PAL
Click a time below to register

9:30am US Central Time – OS Abstractor

1:00pm US Central Time – OS Abstractor


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MapuSoft would like to announce our most recent customer, DRS Technologies.

DRS is a leading supplier of integrated products, services and support to military forces, intelligence agencies and prime contractors worldwide. The company is heavily focused in defense technology, and manufactures and supports a range of systems for mission critical and military sustainment requirements, as well as homeland security.

To learn more about DRS Technologies visit

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