MapuSoft’s Training on Software re-use Plus FREE AUDIT on your application

Oct 16, 2014News & Events

MapuSoft offers exclusive 3-day or 5-day on-site training WITH FREE AUDIT REPORT FOR ANY ONE PROJECT on software re-use and inter-operability solutions. The packages include on-site/offsite training for customers or prospective customers. The training would also include many aspects of Real Time Operating System (RTOS) application development with a focus on software/hardware obsolesce or porting of your legacy code to a next generation platform. Click to read more.

Training will focus on the following topics:

1. Understand different Porting and Abstraction techniques
2. How to efficiently re-use your code or do an in-house porting and abstraction project
3. How to protect your software investment.
4. Hands-on experience in application development and software re-use
5. Port legacy code using OS Abstractor while moving an application to a next generation platform for better performance
6. Free audit and report of your legacy code for ANY one project.

The Audit Report will focus on the following topics:

1.How to Eliminate Hardware and Software Obsolescence problem
2.Help your Legacy code run on new OS platforms
3.How to use Common environment for Development and Porting

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