Software Development Engineer

Jul 6, 2021

Location: USA

Education and Experience:

  • BS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering (CS, CE, EE) or related fields
  • 3 to 7 years of development experience in C/C++ and Java (embedded device knowledge is a plus)
  • Prior experience with Embedded RTOS
  • An understanding of a multi-tasking, multi-threaded, or process related OS

Knowledge, Skills Qualifications:

  • Java, Eclipse, C/C++, Embedded systems, RTOS
  • Understands working with Eclipse and creating or enhancing Eclipse plug-ins
  • Experience with Windows OS and Linux OS
  • Experience with Virtual Machines
  • Experience with typical tools such as documentation, spreadsheet, presentation, etc.
  • Revision control systems
  • Bug/feature reporting SW
  • Good understanding of the software development process
  • Good communication skills

Essential Duties Responsibilities:

  • Designs, develops, documents, and tests new features
  • Works with the QA team for verification of new features and fixes
  • Complies with coding standards ensuring proper code is written and is easily understandable by other developers
  • Is able to work with customers in a customer support role as needed
  • Can resolve reported customer problems and is able to provide solutions helping customers to be successful
  • Documentation; both internal and external

Positions: 1

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