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MapuSoft’s Academic Program (MAP) is a one-of-a-kind educational program that makes available simulated operating systems for all the major commercial embedded real-time operating systems. No other company licenses more than their own operating system which leaves educational institutions with few choices for their students. MapuSoft’s OS Simulator™ is available for ten major embedded operating systems. Students at most institutions develop code for a single operating system. Therefore, students are not getting experience developing applications for the operating systems that their future employers will use and require. OS Simulator allows students to get experience developing embedded applications for operating systems used within all industries..

OS Simulator is an easy to use and inexpensive tool that allows students to develop software for the following commercial RTOS’s:

•  VxWorks® (from Wind River Systems)
•  Nucleus® (from Mentor Graphics)
•  ThreadX® (from Express Logic)
•  micro-ITRON
•  FreeRTOS™ (from Real Time Engineers Ltd)

•  Linux®/POSIX
•  Windows® (from Microsoft)
•  µC/OS™ (from  Micrium)
•  pSOS® (from Wind River Systems)
  OS Abstractor® (from Mapusoft Technologies)


Below are a few testimonials from educational institutions:

University of Waterloo:

“We were happy to partner with MapuSoft in our Green-Intelligent Transportation Systems project. The OS Changer, OS Simulator and Profiling Tools were essential tools in our infrastructure to successfully conduct the research project.

VIT University:

“We would strongly recommend any technical education institute to go for MapuSoft’s OS Simulator as it is ideal for educational institutions allowing students to gain experience working on various popular operating systems.”

National Institute of Technology Calicut:

“MapuSoft’s OS Simulator provides us an excellent platform for teaching Embedded Operating Systems and MapuSoft provided an experienced professional to conduct the on-site training of our staff. He was able to answer all our questions and he provided an excellent leaning experience.”

Centurion University of Technology and Management:

“We set up our embedded systems/RTOS laboratory using MapuSoft’s OS Simulators as part of MapuSoft’s Academic Program (MAP). There couldn’t have been better software to learn OS and RTOS concepts. Our students gained a detailed knowledge of embedded real-time systems and it has given them an edge over other students. They were placed in top MNC’s and MapuSoft’s MAP program has helped to jump-start their careers”.

Georgia Institute of Technology:

“MapuSoft’s software re-use tools protects our software investment and helps us develop rapid product prototypes used to pursue funding from commercial and government sectors”.

Here are a few Major Advantages of the MAP Program:

  • Managing the teaching lab environment is much easier with OS Simulator
  • OS Simulators are much less expensive than licensing proprietary OS tools from vendors
  • OS Simulator greatly reduces the requirement to purchase hardware (hardware is only needed for validation, not development)
  • Includes a graphical Profiler to gather application performance data like execution timing and usage of OS function calls
  • Includes OS Abstractor module to help teach students RTOS concepts.

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