RTOS Simulator is specifically designed for students to improve their embedded software development skills and prepare them for a challenging job market.

MapuSoft’s RTOS Simulator is a one-stop solution that makes all the popular RTOS platforms available to educational institutions, at a fraction of cost of a single proprietary OS. RTOS Simulator creates a development and testing environment on standard Windows/Linux personal computers. Students get hands-on experience developing real-world embedded software applications, improving their post-education marketability. Many students who have mastered embedded software development, now have lucrative jobs in a variety of industries, such as Mil-Aero, Electronics, Medical, Automotive, Telecommunication and many more.

Available RTOS Platforms

Simulate, Develop and Debug Embedded Applications on Windows and Linux Host PC

Virtualized Operating System Platforms for Flexible and Robust Learning


RTOS Simulator Customers

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Why Our RTOS Simulator Platform?


On-Site Training

Our best engineers provide a week-long onsite hands-on training covering product installation, tool demonstration and training to students and faculty. 


More Choices

MapuSoft offers up to eight OS development platforms for education purpose whereas no competitor offers more than one RTOS platform.


Low Cost & Powerful

MapuSoft’s RTOS Simulator costs very little in comparison to a proprietary operating system. Also, our development tools are robust and easy to use.



MapuSoft provides certifications to best students based on their performance in the test conducted by MapuSoft at the end of course duration. 


Internship & Job Offer

MapuSoft may provide internship opportunity as well as a valid job offer to the most accomplished student based on their performance with the tool.  


Online Support

We provide the most comprehensive online support covering product updates, online troubleshooting and reliable technical support.

Electric Car Demo using RTOS_Simulator and Raspberry pi

RTOS Simulator Testimonials

Waterloo University, Canada

Our students gained a detailed knowledge of embedded real-time systems and it has given them an edge over other students


MapuSoft’s  RTOS Simulator helps us develop rapid product prototypes used to pursue funding from commercial and government sectors

NIT, Calicut

MapuSoft provides us an excellent platform for teaching embedded OS’s and experienced professionals conducted on-site training.

VIT, India

We strongly recommend any technical education institute to go for MapuSoft’s OS Simulator as it is ideal for educational institutions allowing students to gain experience working on various popular operating systems.

IIT Guwahati

Review in Progress

IIIT, India

Review in Progress.


Embedded systems are vital to modern society as they are purpose-built for specific applications that making it possible for us to enjoy the benefits of technology. Without embedded systems, our world would look vastly different than it does today, as the population won’t be able to use mobile phones, internet, computers, transportation and so on.  Understanding how embedded devices work and the myriad of applications where they can be used will make you better equipped to understand the world around you and leverage the benefits of embedded systems software development skills.


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